Pet Grooming Parlour,

Animal Behaviour &

Dog Training

What We Do

Our Services

Pet Parlour

We’ve been offering in-house pet grooming services since 2003. Our parlour is professional, safe and secure.

Dog Training

We’ve been involved in the field of training since 2010 and provide Basic Obedience for puppies and adult dogs.


We are internationally accredited and qualified to offer professional help with pets’ behavioural problems.

Bird Boarding

Daily freshly prepared diet with individual attention and care, in a safe and tranquil domestic environment.

Grooming Services

Bath & Tidy

Includes nail clipping and cleaning
of ear canals.

Summer & Winter Cuts

Includes nail clipping and cleaning
of ear canals.

Cat Grooming & Cutting

A very specialised service that we’ve purrfected.

Nail Clipping Service

We also offer nail clipping as an individual service.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

“We bring animals into our worlds to live and work with us, with full expectation for them to adapt and fit right into our lifestyles.

It’s so important to me to equip pet owners with the knowledge and insight to not only take care of their pets’ physical needs such as grooming, general health and exercise, but also the emotional needs of their companion animals, making it possible for them to develop the necessary coping and problem solving skills.

I want to coach mutual understanding and relationships built on trust, to ensure owner and animal can live in harmony for many years to come.”

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