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Housetraining your Puppy

The first thing everyone wants to know when acquiring a new puppy is how to housetrain him. Remember that consistency is definitely the key to success when housetraining. By following these easy steps, your puppy should be housetrained quickly: Frequent toilet...

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A touch of love (Ttouch)

Hands-on Healing for the Animal Kingdom By Catherine Gallegos (© Catherine Gallegos) Our two new barn cats sat inside their oversize traveling crate, surveying the view of this next chapter in their lives. After a full day chasing mice and exploring the great outdoors...

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Top Training Tip: Ankle Biting

I remember as a child visiting my best friend. They had a little dog who would welcome you into the house with a wagging tail, but the moment you tried to leave she would bite your ankles. It started out as nipping and eventually got so bad that she’d draw blood....

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